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Corpus Christi Haunts

Corpus Christi - Aviation Street "Flour Bluff "

Near a naval base, reports of paranormal activity include spectral wolves and transparent Native Americans. NOTE: This property is now owned by the U.S.Government and fenced off.

Corpus Christi - Bill Witt Park Airplane Hangar
Haunted by the spirit of a man that hung himself from the rafters of the hangar. He has been seen looking out, of the now broken windows of the old hangar.

Corpus Christi - BayView Cemetery

This cemetery was formally laid out by General Zachary Taylorís engineers between 1845-1846. This cemetery is a local historical landmark. It is rumored to be haunted.

Corpus Christi - Bokenkamp

The night shift has heard voices, and footsteps. Mainly in the front ICU wards and the first unit. Staff and residents alike have seen shadows, heard footsteps and whispering. Many of the staff have complained of cold spots and the feeling of something or someone brushing up against them.

Corpus Christi - Black Beards Restaurant

Despite what is printed on the menu, Col. Platt maintains that he demolished the original building in 1962. Moving chairs, roving cold spots and jumping salt shakers could be caused by one of two people. The ghost could be that of a man who who was killed in a fight over a woman, or that of a man who committed suicide nearby after losing his wife.

Corpus Christi - Center Theatre

The Center Theatre was opened in 1942. The story is her husband murdered a woman as she walked out of the upstairs women's bathroom. But there are seats up stairs, looking over the stage, and if you go to the top of those stairs, where it is said she and her husband were sitting, you can feel her standing there. Its almost like she doesn't want you there at all. She'll try to make you move, and it gets really cold standing there. At times, if you "bother" her during a show, she will find ways to shut you up.

Corpus Christi - Calallen High School
The elavator by the theatre arts room is said to be haunted. At night it opens and closes by itself , when no one is there to press the buttons. It has been witnessed several times by students there after school hours for extracuricular activites. One of the janitors has seen the ghost of a young teenage girl roaming the halls after school hours.

Corpus Christi - Days Inn hotel

It is said that the spirit of murdered Tejano singer Selena still wanders restlessly about the door way of the room where she was shot as well as the hospital she ran to and eventually died in. Though she is never seen, people have reported hearing faint singing as well as the smell of roses followed by an overwhelming sense of sorrow.

Corpus Christi - Del Mar College {east campus} - Rm.222

- in the Memorial Classroom building is said to be haunted. Late night custodial staff as well as security personnel has reported noises such as howling and laughing coming from around the room. On one specific occasion a security officer arming the building heard what he described as "Furniture being moved around." Mind you, it was 1:00 am.

Corpus Christi - Ennis Joslin Rd

This area is should be considered a potientially haunted area , due to the fact , a road was paved on top of a indian burial ground. But as of yet , it has not been deemed "haunted".

Corpus Christi - Fort Lipantitlan
The Lady in Green might be Senora Garcia, wife of Marcelino Garcia, who died when the Texicans took the fort.

Corpus Christi - Headless Horseman Hill
A beheaded horse thief appears occasionally.

Corpus Christi - Heritage Park Museums-
There are 4 houses that are haunted.

1) The Sidbury House: A child supposedly haunts the childrens's room by playing with dolls and moving stuff and knocking things down.
2) The Galvan House: A ghost is said to tap people on the shoulder unexpectedly on the second floor and have heard footsteps going toward the attic.
3) The Christian House Bistro: Have had reports of a lady wearing a ole time dress, hat and shoes walking into the front door and dissapearing. They have only seen her backside.
4) Ward - Mc Campbell House: Has a ghost named Mary, that died of pneumonia, is said to not let the tour guides in the house or to cause noises. If they go out on the patio, she is known to lock them out and they have to summon help from passerbys.

Corpus Christi - Old Nueces County CourtHouse
It is rumored that many people were hung and sentenced to death there. The rumor is that a young boy went to the courthouse on the night of Halloween in the early 1900's. He did not believe in ghosts at that time. He went up to the top floor where all the death sentences went through. He went over to a window and looked at a rope with what looked like blood on it, when some force threw him over the edge of the window. It is said that specialist found blood on the rope and the window sill where he tried to hold on. He hit the cement face first. Also, it is said that sometime in the early time of the courthouse that a man entered the post office located in the bottom section of the courthouse and opened fire, kiling most of the employees and patrons.

Corpus Christi - Nueces River
Many years ago, a woman and her child were home alone when their house caught on fire, They perished in that fire. It has been said you can see her walking the banks of the river mourning her babies loss.

Corpus Christi - Ropes Park

It is rumored that while at this park if you look down on the rocks you can see a lady in a white dress , that supposedly lept to her death.

Corpus Christi - Smith Building

This haunting was discovered by a makeover crew who had been experiencing things while working and took a video recorder with them to work one day, caprturing this girl in several corners of the old office spaces . End results - This video. True or not you decide. Many believe it is.

Corpus Christi - Sutton's Mott
North of Corpus. The ghost of William Sutton has been reported in this patch of live oaks

Corpus Christi - The Uss Lexington
It is rumored that in the broiler room a young blue eyed sailor will give you directions to where things are located.

Corpus Christi - Wilson Tower

The Wilson Plaza historical development started in 1927. In 1951 Mr. Wilson built a 17-story office tower with a four-story penthouse. The penthouse was Wilson's pride and joy. The 20th floor was finished out as a game room with a private bar constructed on a grand scale of mahogany and trimmed in tufted leather and brass. The view from the penthouse was described as rivaling that of the Top of the Mark Restaurant in San Francisco. It was the scene of many "invitation only" parties attended by Corpus' elite, where Wilson negotiated many of his major business deals. Most of the talk centered on "Sam's" parties and card games. The 21st floor contained guest rooms for "out-of-town" clients. After Mr. Wilson's death in 1957, Mrs. Wilson hosted society, civic, bridge and debutante functions in the penthouse. Today the Tower is said to still be inhabited by Mrs. Wilson, overseeing what goes on in the building. Many Tenants have witnessed shadows and sounds while alone in their offices, especially in the early mornings or late nights. Elevators also have unusual happenings. Stopping on different floors that are not lighted up, with an eerie feeling of someone else catching a ride with you.



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Southern Texas Haunts (A-D)

Alice Tx - Old Rialto Theatre on Main Street
This movie theatre was closed in the 1980's. Former employees and occasional patrons
claim to have seen shadowy figures in the upper dakrned hallways and experienced feelindgs of dread. Feelinds of being watched froma upper level were also experienced.

Alice Tx - Walmart
There is claims that a ghost roams the aisles of this Walmart who plays jokes on the associates. There is also a spirit that has caused major problems in the store by making accidents happen and causing damage to merchandise and equipment in the store. The associates have nicked named the pratical joker " Matilda" as the sex is not known. On the other hand, the problem causing ghost has never been named, because the associates prefer no contact with that spirit. The Walmart is built on the old homested of the Collins Family who founded Alice Tx. The family cemetery is adjacent to the Walmart store.

Alice Tx - Wiliam Adams Junior High and Middle School
A young teenage girl is said to roam the halls looking for her love who is rumored to be the one that killed her.

Alice Tx - Old Hospital P and S
Reports of a call bell going off on the second floor when no one is in the room and even after it has been unplugged.

Alice Tx - The Reservoir - aka Alice Lake
People say that after the gates are locked on the pier you can se orbs and feel cold spots and when fishing you can hear screams for help from a girl who fell in there.

Cleburne - Old Foamy
When you go to this little water stream go at night , Turn your lights off and honk 3 times. Then they say a goat man will appear before you and that other strange things happen to your car.

Cleburne - Wright Place
It has been claimed haunted by several experts. The first floor is still a small cafe, the second floor is rarely used. People have seen the figure of a young woman near a window and the smell of oranges. Legend says that she was pushed out the window by an angry boyfriend.

Donna - El Casabel
El Casabel is an old bar that is out in the country. It has been abandoned since 1995. They say that two men were drinking and one shot the other and at midnight he can be seen around where they were drinking.

Donna - Silver Nugget Saloon
Some say that late at night, one can hear music playing and lights going on and off by themselves .

Southern Texas Haunts (E-G)

Edinburg - 18th Street
Located on Shunior and 18th on the corner. This house is always for rent. The owner can't keep people in there because of terrifying noises that go on there.

Edinburg - Austin Elementary
Located 1/4 mile from Hillcrest cemetery, It is said that at night you can see things walking around the school yard.

Edinburg - UTPA - Troxxell Hall Dormotories
Legend says that a girl got pregnant by a one night stand, that she thought really cared for her. She contemplated giving herself an abortion, but couldn't go through with it, so she comitted suicide. At night she goes through the dorm knocking on doors.

GeorgeWest - Live Oak County CourtHouse
People have heard sounds of children playing, although there have been no children harmed or killed there. Also, in the district court room, there is a picture of a past district judge and the eyes follow you around. And if you go to the 2nd floor, the founder of the city, George Washington West, has been seen in that hallway too.

Goliad - Mission Espiritu De Santo
Reports of seeing an apparitional indian on a horse, hearing drum sounds and the smell of pipe smoke. Also there have been reports of a phantom wolf that dissapears, running into the woods.

Goliad - Presidio La Bahia
An old Spanish mission dating from the 1700's. It is reportedly extremely haunted, due to the many executions of Texan revoluntionaries by General and President of Mexico, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, on Palm sunday, 1836. Among other spirits that roam there is a short priest that roams the chapel yard, a cold, misty area in one corner of the court yard. Moans and sighs can be heard throughout the main courtyard and there has been an apparition of a lady praying in the chapel.

Southern Texas Haunts (L)

Laredo - El Barrio
Apparitions of a woman and child dressed in white have been seen.

Laredo - Firestation #2
Believed to be an old gravesite before the station was built and is haunted by a firefighter name Lupito. Fire fighters have felt their legs being pulled off their beds and have witnessed furniture moving, shaking and levitating.

Laredo - Hamilton Hotel
Voices of children can be heard running and playing.

Laredo - H.E.B. Guadalupe
An Apparition of a man can be seen dragging himself from section to section looking for the exit.

Laredo - La Posasda Hotel
The hotel is aside the Rio Grande River and the St. Augustan Church. The building was once a convent and people have seen a nun roaming the hotel as well as a spirit that takes the employes form and looks just like them but will not speak. Other occurences that have occured are, cold spots, someone calling your name, objects moving and in the ballroom, footsteps can be heard.

Laredo - Lake Casa Blanca Ballroom
One night after a dance a guy gave a young lady wearing a necklace a ride home. When she got out, her necklace was left in the car. The guy looked around for her and she had dissapeared. He got out of the car and went to the door and rang the
bell. The man at the door explained that it looked like his daughters necklace but that she had been dead for 5 years; she had drowned at the lake.

Laredo - Laredo Mall
A little girl dressed in mid 1900's clothing is seen walking holding a doll and crying.

Laredo - Martin High School
There used to be a cemetery where the school is now. It is rumored that they only moved the headstones and not the bodies. At night, you can see shadows in the gym.

Laredo - Mercy Regional Diagnostic Center
Used to be an old apartment building just South of St. Augustin High School in the
heights area. Reports of a demonic looking figure with glaring eyes and a wide grin and a serpent looking tongue hanging out.

Laredo - Nixon High School
During the 70's, a girl on the school dance team was killed by her jealous boyfriend. Rumors are she was decapitated and can be seen in the halls with no head.

Laredo - Old Mercy Hospital
This place has been closed for years, but it is said that at night you can hear voices of the people that died there.

Laredo - Old Police Station
It is said that after the station was closed, that some people practiced witchcraft here. You can feel cold spots and hear whispers behind your back, and a cat with no head has been seen.

Laredo - Rio Grande River
The river is haunted by a lady named Maria. She pushed her 3 children off a cliff and then killed herself the same way the next day. She has been seen hunting her children on the river and if she sees you, she comes after you thinking you are one of her children.

Laredo - United Middle School
It was rumored that a girl was killled at a basketball game, when the ball bounced down the stairs and she followed after it. It is said that you can hear her and see her shadow.

Laredo - V.M.T. Magnet School
Reports of footsteps being heard on the second floor along with a foul odor that follows you around the room.

Laredo - Zacate Creek
A lady covered in mud wearing a white dress has been seen walking through the La Azteca area. There is usually a foul odor that accompanies the ghost.

Southern Texas Haunts (M-V)

McAllen - La Casa de Palmas
It is said that the 3rd floor is haunted. If you have more info on this, Please email us at ccpinvestigations@

McAllen - Toys R Us
4 years ago, a boy climbed a ladder to get to the loft, fell and broke his neck. Once in awhile, a boys laughing and running around in the loft can be heard.

Mission - City Cemetery
They say that troll like creatures scare and run people out.

Mission - LaLomita Mission
This old mission has been recently reopened to the public. In the missions heyday, priests were rumored to be having sex with the nuns and burying the childrens bodies on the grounds. One night, some illegal emigrants, who were aware of what was going on, went in and killed 2 of the priests. The 3rd priest went to get help but somehow died while seeeking aid. The robes and bones of 2 of the priests were displayed until a couple of years ago. Thereafter, it became an asylum for the mentally challenged. Many of the employees report seeing people in robes waking the grounds at night. The asylum has completely shut down, but the grounds are open to tourists during the day.

Mission - Mission Junior High School - Science Building, East stairwell
At night you can see the shadow of a man walking up and down the stairs (supposedly a teacher that fell down the stairs and died).

Monte Alto - La Bodega
It is said that this place has claimed the lives of many. There have been many sightings and reports of noises heard by people cleaning up. The noises sound like the place is in working order. Laughter from rooms that are not in use, chills and shadows also experienced.

San Benito
It is said that in the old high school you can hear cries and screams and a little girl walks the halls of the abadoned school that used to be a hospital for WWII injured.

San Juan - The old PSJA Auditorium
It has been said that many years ago a janitor or technician was putting a new light on top and fell and died. To this day if you look up at the area the light has never been replaced. It is said that if you put on a production there, you best add his name to the program or he will ruin your show.

Santa Rosa
Long ago a restless spirit of a woman called "LaLlorona" or "weeping woman" would walk down the roads of "El Ricon Del Diablo" or " The den of the devil." She would weep for the loss of her children that drowned in a canal not far from the village. The town had a excorcism done to rid the town of this restless spirit. Nothing has occured in the town since, but if you go to the canal at night, her cries can still be heard.

Skidmore - BillMore House
People have claimed that a small child haunting the attic and the owners claim to have heard laughing and crying through the walls at night. They also hear a dripping sound coming from the ceiling fan area. They say they know there is a ghost in this house because a child was killed there by his father, hung from the ceiling fan.

Victoria - Cinema 4 , Salem 6 , Playhouse 4
At cinema 4 there is a ghost of a woman that watches workers clean, she is playful and calls your name. They have also seen a little boy running up to the concession stand then dissapear. Also trash cans have rolled up the isles and cold spots throughout the building.

Victoria - Tanglewood Townhouses
Have had reports of things moving by themselves, lights going on and off . Things flying through mid-air, temperature drops and cold spots.

Victoria - Victoria County Courthouse
Construction workers have claimed to have seen flashes of light and "floating balls of light" and an apparition on the second floor.