Corpus Christi Spook Central::Paranormal Equipment

8-CH PC Based DVR System

Compaq Presario 8-CH PC Based DVR System

Clover 4 Ch. Internet Ready Digital Video Recorder

4 CH Mobile Laptop DVR Number of Systems (2)

HP Pavilion 17" 2GB Ram 240GB Laptop WindowsVista

Alienware Area-51 m9750 Notebook

Compaq laptop

Extra 19" Flat Panel Monitor

HP Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor Desktop 360GB hard drive(EVP/Video)

24-IR Day&Night Camera
Number of Cameras (4)

Wireless Water Proof Infrared Camera

Wireless Camera System w/Night Vision
(Number of Cameras 2)

30 LEDs infrared Camera
(Number of Cameras 2)

Camera w/Night Vision and Audio
(Number of Cameras 8)

Digital8 Video Walkman with 4" LCD screen

Sony DCR-SR42 HDD video camera

JVC Mini DV Camcorder

Sony Handy Cam With Night Vision (Number of Recorders 3)

28 LED IR Infrared flashlight night vision illuminator (Number of illuminators 4)

Digital Voice Recorders
(Number of Recorders 10)

Wireless Audio
(Number of Wireless Audio Systems 2)

Single-channel wireless Audio system

Shotgun Microphone
(Number of Microphones 2)

wireless Parabolic Microphone

Supercardioid Microphone
(Number of Microphones 4)

Parabolic Microphone (Number of Parabolics 6)

Wireless Super Directional Shotgun Mic

DAK Super-directional Shotgun Microphone UEM

2 Way Radios

(Number of THERMOMETER 4)

K2 KII EMF Meter Detector

Digital EMF Meter


Walker Scientific ELF - 50D EMF meter

EMF MilliGauss Meter (4)

ELF Zone Gaussmeter(10)

Various digital cameras of different makes and models.

Canon EOS 6.3MP Digital Rebel Camera

Fuji FinePix S3000

Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-H9/B