Q: What type of equipment is used by Corpus Christi Spook Central team to investigate paranormal activity?
A: Corpus Christi Spook Central uses state of the art technology and advanced electronics such as electromagnetic field meters (EMF), radiation meters (Geiger counter), digital video, digital & standard 35mm photography, digital & analog audio for (EVPs), infrared thermal scanners, 0-lux night vision (IR Technology) to see in total darkness, and much more that we bring to an investigation to try to not only find tangible evidence of any anomalies, but to try to find answers to why these anomalies are occurring. The CCSC team will not use or put relevance in dowsing rods, Ouija boards, or Seances. We use strict scientific methods and equipment to either PROVE or DISPROVE any findings.

Q: What is the CCSC fee to Investigate?
A: Our investigations and advice are always FREE of charge to everyone! We do not charge as many groups do.We are always willing to help anyone and everyone that claims to have paranormal claims of ghosts, hauntings , etc., We NEVER charge a fee and we are totally CONFIDENTIAL.We do Not accept Donations!

Q: Can I call and talk to someone about doing an investigation?
A: We ask that you fill out our contact form here on the website. When you do, post your phone number in that message, and one of our team members will contact you.

Q: How much do you get paid for this?
A: Absolutely nothing . All members are volunteers who generously give their time and support this research. We NEVER charge a fee to those individuals who allow us access to their property.

Q:I reside outside of Corpus Christi, Texas.what areas do you cover?
A: CCSC covers the entire region of Texas. If we find we are not able to take your case due to scheduling, please rest assure we will refer your case to a reputable team who will assist you. Cases involving children are handled immediately. If you reside outside Texas, your case will be referred to a team in your state. Those outside of the United States, we will do our best to provide support or help.

Q: Why do you not use psychics on the Team?
A: CCSC is a strictly scientific-minded team. This means that all the information that we gather MUST be either tangible evidence or have some relevance to fact. We have nothing against psychics, mediums, or sensitives, and we will gladly work with them, but we can not go by their feelings or visions to prove or disprove an event or claim of the paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, etc. All claims must be documented either on video, audio, and even on a physical level at times.

Q: Do Ghost's follow people?
A: There have been few cases where an entity has followed a person from location to location, so it is not unheard of. There have been instances where a family moves into a home and that home has, unknowing to the family, paranormal activity. Then, when these persons have moved from a location where there is activity to another location, thinking that they will escape the issue, they find that the entity in question that was making their life a living nightmare has become attached to them or a family member for uncertain reasons and has followed them to their new home.

Q: Do you cleanse a location of spirits?
A: CCSC does not attempt to cleanse a location of spirits, or claim to do so. CCSC's job is to find a logical explanation for the happenings and second, to gather evidence to support a haunting classification. Rest assured CCSC does have the contacts our clients need should this be requested.

Q: Can you explain what you will be doing while on my property?
A: We will first do a walk through of the place you request us to investigate. This is when we take notes of areas where we want to set up equipment, and also get baseline readings if they were not done during the interview process. Then we will proceed with setting up the equipment and monitoring it. Once we are done, we take down the equipment and do a walk through with the owner to make sure everything is to their satisfaction and left as it was when we arrived.

Q: I just moved to a new location. My old home was haunted, is it possible that I was followed?