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(Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of your Investigation with your TICKETS)

Corpus Christi Spook Central Presents a CCSC Public Event

Have you ever wanted to have the opportunity to investigate a haunted building or area?

If the answer is yes come join Corpus Christi Spook Central on Friday Sept 13, 2019 for a Public Paranormal Investigation at the CCSC Haunted House.

We don’t just walk you around the outside of a location we take you inside and allow you to explore and investigate the haunted history.

Members of Corpus Christi’s foremost authority of Paranormal Investigators, Corpus Christi Spook Central will join you on this spine thrilling night.

With the CCCS Investigators joining you, you will have the opportunity to observe unique equipment in efforts to record and document possible paranormal activity.

The location you will be investigating is a Solid Cinder Block and Concrete Building. Built in Corpus Christi around 1960 or earlier and survived Hurricane Celia in August of 1970. There have been many businesses at this location, with the latest one before CCSC Haunted House a Mortuary Company who used the space to store coffins, mortuary supplies and the personal items including clothing of deceased individuals.

We have been in the building for almost a month now and when we are there odd things have happened. From things falling off a shelf, to cell phone’s turning off when fully charged, items missing and moving, sounds of people whispering and the feeling that someone is watching you.

You are more than welcome to bring your own paranormal equipment including; voice recording devices, cameras, handheld video and handheld paranormal equipment. You will need to bring your own flashlight. Cell phone flashlights are not allowed.

You are encouraged to buy early, as these sell out quickly, space is limited to (12) guests and Event Tickets are $25. You must be 18 and up to participate. (No Exceptions and proper ID is required.) Also, please note that there will be no refunds or exchanges.

You will have to sign a release of liability and if you have any medical condition, please advise CCSC before the investigation begins.

*Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of the Investigation with your TICKETS and Proper ID*

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Special Hearts in the Arts.

For more information regarding this Investigation, please contact Corpus Christi Spook Central at (361)-504-4018