Membership Application

CCSC is always delighted to hear from individuals, local residence & business, the media, and other paranormal investigators. If you have questions about the paranormal, equipment or investigation techniques, or any other questions or comments we are pleased to hear from you.

Please use the information on this page to contact us. We will make our best effort to reply to your contact. However, due to the high volume of contacts that we receive it may take Several days to respond.

Investigations are nothing like what you watch on TV. It is hard work with long hours and even longer hours filled with reviewing footage with no pay. all this for the rare chance of catching something we can document as an unnatural cause.
You will be expected to participate in all forms of review and learn all aspects of the equipment including setting up and breaking down. Most investigations average 3 to 12 hours.

We're looking for people who understand the value of teamwork, self discipline, hard work and respect for the privacy of our clients. We have fun in what we do but you must have a passion for this job.


Before submitting an application, please make sure you read the membership criteria.

All of our team members are on a volunteer bases only, they do not get paid.

**You must comply with the following criteria to be considered as a possible member of CCSC Team**

Membership Criteria

Must have a clean criminal background.
Must have a valid Id
Must be drug free ..NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Must have your own transportation.
Must be willing to supply Some of your own personal equipment for investigations and ghost hunts. (i.e. Cameras, audio recorders, tripods, video cameras, etc.)
Must be smoke free during investigations
Must be alcohol free during investigations
Must be professional during investigations
Must follow all protocols and guidelines for meetings/investigations
be willing to travel To some investigations We do understand Not everyone will be able to travel.
Must dress professional for investigations or public events.
Must be stable in your personal life
Must be at least 20 years of age

PREFER but not required ...experience in law enforcement, medical field, military, mental health field, electronics, or IT / computer experience Must posses common sense and be well grounded in reality. Willing to use science and facts as main investigation tools

Please remember submitting this application is not a guaranteed acceptance to Corpus Christi Spook Central Paranormal Group.

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