Corpus Christi Spook Central's mission is to document and study any and all Paranormal events.
Our investigation's consist of research into the background of the location as well as interviews with the people involved. While investigating either public or private site, we treat each investigation with professionalism and respect.
All paranormal evidence, including photos, videos, audio recordings of paranormal events are kept in the strictest confidence and we will only release or publish information on cases where permission has been granted to do so by authorized parties. Any authorized releases of the aforementioned will be made available to the public unaltered and uncensored via our website or in person with appropriate advanced notice.
We seek to educate ourselves and others of Spirits (Ghost) and how and why they exist. We seek the truth and will share with others what we believe to be the truth with information we've gathered from our investigations.
Corpus Christi Spook Central NEVER charges a fee and we are totally CONFIDENTIAL.

We are a team of paranormal investigators whose primary goal is Dedicated to the
research and investigation and documention of the Paranormal , and hopefully someday
prove the existence of ghosts. We also strive to help those who live with hauntings deal
with their fears and experiences. Although we do not discredit the use of psychics, we instead use
both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate our experiences.
We do not use Ouija boards, s?ances, or divining rods to conjure or locate spirits.
We Conduct investigations in Corpus Christi,Texas/Texas Around the USA,
we enjoy traveling to investigate haunted sites around Texas.
We are a serious group of professionally-minded adults who believe that skepticism is healthy,
and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature.

What to Expect
If you Request A Investigation of you business of home We will Use high-tech electronic equipment to Try document
the Reported Paranormal Activity We will use Ir cameras,video and audio recorders and Infra Red LED Illumination boxs,Dvr System,
motion sensors and various other devices for measuring atmospheric changes.

Before the investigation begins, two of our members will conduct an interview
with the you and any witnesses. They will document the activity that has been
experienced and any historical information at this time. The rest of the team will
be taking readings throughout the building or home, to establish a ?normal? base pattern.
When this is done, the Tech team will get down to business. They?ll set up sensors and IR video Cams,
and do recording sessions to try to capture the voices of the spirits EVPS Electronic Voice Phenomena.

After all the information collected has been analyzed and discussed, we will determine
if there is a need for further research. If there is, we?ll search local libraries, historical
societies and government offices to gather as much historical information as possible to find who
or what is causing the activity.

Our results will be posted on our website while a full detailed report,
along with videos clips,photos and audio clips, will be presented to the owners on a dvd or cd.

If we obtain positive results, We might ask to come back for follow-up investigations in an attempt to duplicate our findings.

The most important thing is Corpus Christi Spook Central's investigation services are
FREE We NEVER charge a fee and we are totally CONFIDENTIAL. and will never ask for A Donations!

One of the biggest concerns many of our clients have is privacy. We want to assure
you that this is also a big concern for us as well. We consider it a privilege to be allowed
to investigate your home or business, so we take great care to honor your requests.
If you request to keep your name, the name and location of your home or business secret,
we?ll be happy to accommodate you. We?ll also keep faces hidden and will keep any photos
off the website that would give away the location. The names can be changed and the locations
can be generalized The bottom line is, we?ll tell the story but not where it took place.

All of the information we collect is for our research. Stories,audio,video and photos are posted,
but things like phone numbers, addresses and such are never given out. If someone wants to contact you,
they?ll need to go through us. We?ll pass along any messages or simply turn them away at your request.
We want to have the opportunity to come back and follow up on any finding we may get, so we will do whatever
it takes to keep you satisfied.

Contact Information
Under "Contact Us" you'll find the names of our Case Managers and Founder. If you're interested in
having us investigate your location, please feel free to e-mail us. We can address any concerns you
may have and answer any additional questions you may have. We'll set a date for a preliminary investigation,
which means that 2 or 3 of us will come out to meet you and go over some information. It's a "getting to know each other"
meeting. We can also survey the area at this time to determine any problems we may encounter.