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Do you live in a Haunted House? Do you think you may be experiencing paranormal phenomena that you want investigated? We want to offer you some up front information before you submit your investigation request to us. Please be sure to read all the information and guidelines before you continue on to our request form.

Serious requests only please! We ask that you only contact us if you are serious about wanting an investigation of your property. Our time is just as important as yours and we put a lot of time and effort in our cases so please consider this before sending in your request.

The person who completes the online investigation request form MUST be age 18 or over, and must be the owner, manager or occupant of the property and legally be able to authorize an investigation of the property. (Example: If you live in a rental home, we must have the written permission of the homes legal owner to investigate) If you do not meet these minimum requirements, your request will not be accepted.
In order to accept your residential investigation request, we must have permission from all adult household members who occupy or own the property.

All investigation requests we get will receive a reply via e-mail or a phone call from our Case Manager within 5 business days. Phone calls from us show up as unavailable or private, and if there is no answer a voicemail will be left with a call-back date and time. We will make only 3 attempts to contact you, after 3 attempts with no response from you, we will close your case.

Not all investigation requests will result in a paranormal investigation of your property. If we see reason to investigate, an investigation will be scheduled. However, scheduling may not be done immediately. We receive many requests and we attempt to help each case as quickly as possible.Investigations that involve children or severe threatening harm to families will be priority. Investigations may be scheduled weeks or even a few months in advance. If we are unable to schedule your case in an acceptable time frame, we may refer you to another local group.

Please understand that we are a paranormal investigation and research group. Our main purpose is to find practical, reasonable explanations for unexplained activity using a common sense approach and to document any potential paranormal phenomena using a variety of equipment and techniques. We DO NOT offer cleansing, blessings, or exorcisms and we can not rid your home of spirits or ghosts.

We always approach each location logically and we always try to rule out natural culprits before making any assumptions that a location is haunted.

If we are unable to help you directly, in many cases we can help provide you alternative resources

If your case is accepted and scheduled for an investigation, the following guidelines will apply:

The contact person who requested the investigation must be present for an onsite interview and to sign permission and liability forms the day of the scheduled investigation.

No one under the age of 18 should be on the property site during the investigation. If you have children, please make arrangements to have them stay elsewhere for the night.

There must be at least one adult who owns, manages or occupies the property to be present during the course of the entire investigation.

Only owners, occupants or managers should be present during our investigation. We also must limit the number of people during our investigation to minimize any contamination of our recordings. Those who do not live, own or manage the property may not be present during the investigation process unless requested by the owner.

The safety of our team members is something we take very serious. If it is discovered that any illegal or dangerous activity is taking place in the home or there are serious health or safety hazards within the property we will immediately stop the investigation and exit the property. We are not here to judge your lifestyle or actions, but we can not allow our team members to be put in any situation to jeopardize their safety or well being.

Once the investigation is complete, it may take up to 8 full weeks before we have complete results. If we have found any evidence of paranormal activity on your property, we will provide you copies of the material and provide you with additional information, resources and/or advice based on those findings. In some instances, we may provide historic information about your property if it is relevant and/or significant to our findings.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an investigation once it is setup, please provide at least 48 hours notice if possible.

All of our investigations are free of charge and we never accept donations

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